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  Unlimited Talent Searches 24-7
Unlimited Talent Searches 24-7    
  Expert Level Recruiter Support
Expert Level Recruiter Support    
  Advanced Candidate Filter Tools
Advanced Candidate Filter Tools    
  Talent Shopping Dashboard
Talent Shopping Dashboard    
  Post Talent Request
Post Talent Request    
  View pre-recorded candidate videos
View pre-recorded candidate videos General job interview questions set-up by recruiter Request up to 5 job specific video interview questions
  Custom E-skills talent assessments
Custom E-skills talent assessments Standard eskills assessments selected by recruiter Includes up to 3 custom eskills assessments per candidate
  Post Hire Background Screenings
Post Hire Background Screenings Education, Criminal, and
Drug screens
Education, Criminal, and Drug screens Discounted price
  Talent Assessment Package
Talent Assessment Package   ($500 Value - FREE)
  Annual Membership Price
Annual Membership Price


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